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Is Fleeter right for your business?

If you are looking to improve your fleet safety performance, Fleeter can help. Studies have shown that the use of “how’s my driving” safety programs can result in accident cost savings of 20% to 50%. The early identification of untrained or careless drivers allows your training programs to focus on the right areas.

Windshieldink is a mobile messaging platform that improves upon the standard 1-800 “how’s my driving” system. We simplify the process for the public to send alerts to your business and lower your cost in doing so. It’s quick and easy for the public to use our mobile app with your vehicle licence plate number. It can lead to more frequent driver alerts and help you better understand your driver performance.


Receiving Messages is Simple

  • With our mobile app, the public can send your business e-mail messages using your fleet vehicle license plate number as the contact point.
  • Email messages are delivered through your regular email service provider.
  • Windshieldink forwards all messages so the public will never have direct access to your company personnel information.
  • The sender of a message has the option to include their contact information or GPS co-ordinates.

Quick and Easy Online Account Set Up

  • Create your business account online at biz.windshieldink.com.
  • Enter your company profile information and select the Fleeter service level you want.
  • Complete the monthly subscription payment and you are ready!

Easy to Manage Fleet License Plate Database

  • Download our preformatted Excel license plate database template.
  • Enter each of your fleet’s vehicle license plates and contact email addresses.
  • Upload your license plate database to Windshieldink. This data can be updated as often as required.

Fleeter - How It Works

step 1

Upload your fleet
license plate information
to WindshieldInk.

step 2

Public observes something
about one of your fleet vehicles
on the street.

step 3

They message the license
plate number using our
mobile app.

step 4

The message gets sent
to your company dispatch or
safety department.


Windshieldink endeavours to provide a simple and affordable platform for license plate messaging. Our goal is to help the small and large business fleet owners by allowing the public to play a role in their fleet safety program.

Our simple pricing structure is based on a tier level depending on the size of your fleet. Monthly cost for plate registration is less than $1 per month per plate. That’s a low price to pay for an easy way to supplement your fleet safety program.


benefit icon

Windshieldink warns against the use of wireless devices while driving. Our messages can be sent or viewed at any time, preferably in an appropriate and safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What can Windshieldink do for my company fleet?

Windshieldink can be an enhancement to your fleet safety management program. It allows the public to send email messages to your internal contacts using only a vehicle license plate number. You can associate a unique contact email address to each license plate, enabling messages to be sent to your dispatcher, safety department, or any other responsible individual within your organization.

Q: Is software installation required to manage Fleeter account with Windshieldink?

No. We host your Fleeter account on our web site and it works with all browsers. Your account is kept updated by your company designate and can be accessed anytime using a web browser. Our mobile app is primarily for those who would like to send messages while on the street and is not required for managing your business account.

Q: How do the public message my business?

Using our mobile app or our web site the public can send email messages to your company using your fleet vehicle license plate. Their message can include their name, contact information, and GPS coordinates.

Q: What is the pricing structure to register my company’s fleet license plates?

There is a monthly subscription fee based on a sliding scale pricing structure. Select how many vehicles you will be registering and the price per slot is calculated accordingly. You can change your plate slot requirements at any time.

Q: Does my company need to sign a long term contract?

No. Your subscription with Fleeter is on a monthly basis.

Q: How do I pay for my subscription?

Subscription payments are done on-line using a third party payment processor Stripe.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Although our hope is that this does not happen, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Q: What is Windshieldink's refund policy?

Subscription refunds will not be issued.

Q: How many vehicle license plates can my company register with Windshieldink?

The number of license plates you can register is unlimited. The fleet registration is scalable and can grow as you grow.

Q: Will Windshieldink work for out-of-Province/State or out of country license plates?

Yes, as long as the country and province/state are identified for that license plate within Fleeter. Out of Province/State or out of country plates can also be to linked to a different contact email address.

Managing Your Fleet License Plate Database

Q: How do I add or remove fleet license plates with Windshieldink?

Fleeter provides a simple-to-use online method available on our website for your staff to maintain and update your fleet information.

Q: When does my data get updated?

Data is instantly updated online.

Q: Can I register more than one contact person email per license plate?

No. You can only assign one contact email address per license plate. Messages sent by the public will be automatically sent to the contact email provided for that license plate.

Q: How secure is my data?

Fleeter does not retain personal information or credit card data on their site. Your company contact information and license plate numbers are the only information stored.

Q:Do you provide phone support?

We only provide support via email for our customers. If you have a support issue please contact us by submitting a completed Technical Support form available on our website. We are available online between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST.

Public Sending and Receiving Messages

Q: How will the general public know if my fleet license plate is registered?

Fleeter will confirm to the message sender that your fleet vehicle is registered by presenting your corporate logo on their mobile device.

Q: How will my company receive messages from the public?

Messages are received and viewed using your regular internal email provider.

Q: Will I know who sent the message to my company?

Maybe. All messages are sent anonymously however the sender does have the option to include their contact information (signature) within their message.

Q: Will I know where a message is being sent from?

Maybe, however the sender does have the option to tag their GPS co-ordinates within their message when using Windshieldink's mobile app.

Q: Can my company respond to received messages?

No. Responding to a message can be done if the message sender has included their contact information (signature). If the sender includes their contact information, your responses will be directly with the sender and not through Windshieldink.

Q: Will the sender of a message know if the message has been sent and received by my company?

The sender will receive confirmation from Windshieldink that the license plate is registered and the message has been sent, however the sender will not know if your company has read the message.

Q: How do I report abusive messages?

Abusive messages are not tolerated and should be reported to Windshieldink. Windshieldink will deactivate the account of abusive users.

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