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Is Windshieldink CONNECTS right for your business?

If you are looking to expand your customer communication channels, CONNECTS is right for your business. Using our Windshieldink mobile app, CONNECTS allows the public to send email messages directly to your service staff simply using a mnemonic keyword.

For example, if you are a roadside assistance provider, you can set up a CONNECTS ID with the word “TOW”. Customers can use our mobile app to send a service request and their location to your business simply using the word “TOW” rather than having to remember your phone number or email address. The customer email message can include their contact information and GPS location in a clickable map link. This way you know who they are, the reason why they are contacting you, and where they are located.


Receiving a Message is Simple

  • With our mobile app, customers can send your business an email message using a simple keyword.
  • Email messages are received by your staff.
  • Messages are sent by Windshieldink so the public does not have direct access to your company information.
  • The customer has the option to include their contact information and GPS coordinates.

Quick and Easy Online Account Set Up

  • Create a CONNECTS account online at
  • Enter your company profile information.
  • Select and subscribe to a tier level.
  • Create your personal CONNECTS ID’s, and you are live!
  • It's that simple!

Easy to Manage Your CONNECTS ID’s

  • Use our online ID manager to create and manage your company’s ID’s.
  • Assign one or two employee email addresses to each CONNECTS ID.
  • Each Province or State can have its own CONNECTS ID with different contact emails.


Windshieldink CONNECTS endeavours to provide a simple and affordable platform for fast and easy messaging. Our goal is to help the public contact a business small and large without the need to remember or search for detailed contact information.

Our simple pricing structure is based on a tier level and the number of CONNECTS ID’s you need to create.


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Windshieldink warns against the use of wireless devices while driving. Our messages can be sent or viewed at any time, preferably in an appropriate and safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What can Windshieldink CONNECTS do for my company?

Windshieldink CONNNECTS will enhance your customer communication system. Using the Windshieldink mobile app, it allows the public to send email messages directly to your service contact personnel simply using a mnemonic word. For example, if you are a towing company, you can set up an ID so that a person can send a message to your business simply using the word “TOW” rather than having to remember your company phone number or email address. You can assign two contact email addresses to each CONNECTS ID, enabling messages to be sent to your dispatcher or other designate within your organization.

Q: Is software installation required to manage my account with Windshieldink CONNECTS?

No. Windshieldink hosts your CONNECTS account on our web site. Your account is kept updated by your company designate and can be accessed at anytime via the web browser.

Q: How do my customers message my business?

Using our free mobile app, customers can send emails to your business addressed to your CONNECTS ID. The customer email message can include their name, contact information, and GPS coordinate.

Q: Can I communicate with my customer?

If the customer includes their contact phone number or email information in their message, you can make direct contact with them.

Q: What is the pricing structure to register my CONNECTS ID?

The monthly subscription fee is based on a sliding scale tier level. Select the tier level based on the number of CONNECTS ID’S you require.

Q: Does my company need to sign a long term contract?

No. Your subscription with Windshieldink CONNECTS is on a monthly basis and can be terminated at anytime.

Q: How do I pay for my subscription?

Subscription payments are made on-line using the third party payment processor, Stripe. Payment is accepted with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, subscription cancellation can be made at any time.

Q: What is Windshieldink's refund policy?

Windshieldink does not provide refunds for subscription cancellations.

Q: How many CONNECTS ID’S can my company register?

The maximum number of CONNECTS ID’S you can register is 50 which is our Tier Level 3 account.

Q: Will Windshieldink work for out-of-Province/State CONNECTS ID’S?

Yes, each CONNECTS ID’S is assigned an origin, much like a license plate registration origin. Individual CONNECTS ID’S are assigned to individual Provinces or States. For example, in Canada the ID “TOW” can be registered for each of the ten Province which would constitute ten separate CONNECTS ID’S. Each ID can be directed to a different contact email address if required.

Managing Your CONNECTS ID’s

Q: How do I add or remove CONNECTS ID’S?

Windshieldink CONNECTS ID’S provides an online ID manager within your account, which allows you to modify your ID's.

Q: Can I register more than one contact person email per CONNECTS ID?

Yes. You can assign up to two employee contact email addresses per CONNECTS ID. Email messages sent by the public will be automatically sent to both email addresses provided for that ID.

Q: How secure is my data?

Windshieldink does not retain personal information or credit card data on their site. Company contact information provided by you is the only information Windshieldink maintains.

Q: How do I contact Customer Support?

Customer support is provided via e-mail. Simply complete and submit the Technical Support form available on our website or email us at [email protected]

Sending Messages

Q: Will the message sender know if the message has been sent and received by my company?

The sender will receive confirmation from Windshieldink that your CONNECTS ID is registered and the message has been sent, however the sender will not know if your company has read the message until you respond directly to them.

Q: How can the customer be assured the message is from my business?

A Windshieldink CONNECTS account will include your corporate logo and company name when they verify your CONNECTS ID within the mobile app. You can also include a brief message to the customer, for example if you want them to call a phone number provided by your company designate and speak directly to that person.

Q: How do I report abusive messages?

Abusive messages are not tolerated and should be reported to [email protected] Windshieldink will deactivate the account of abusive users.

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